Cast (Under Construction):

The Uncanny X-Men: Wolverine, Kitty Pride, Dazzler, Havok, Longshot, Nightcrawler, Collossus, Storm, Rogue, Psylocke.

Vilians: Magneto, Sabretooth, Bruce Banner, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four

Guest Stars: The New Mutants (1980’s), The West Coast Avengers (1980’s, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Vision)

Reference Comic Book Series 1970’s -1980’s “Wolverine vs. Hulk” and “X-Men vs. The Avengers”, “The Uncanny X-Men: The Phoenix Saga”

Update: Marvel doesn’t sell “The Uncanny X-Men” anymore so we bought the url for this fan script / setting as a fan / tribute page for “The Uncanny X-Men” time period in the Fan Multiverse Setting 01 my setting on this page Fan Faction 1 Universe that I made for this page.

Wolverine’s healing factor has now turned his adamantum steel skeleton into organic steel and fused with his bones and has recovered his memory.

While visiting the White House on television Wolverine cuts the head of the President and starts a war with the humans lasting ten years in the mutant universe script series.

Set in 1983 “The Uncanny X-Men: War Of The Mutants” Fan Script Setting deals with the conclusion of the 1970’s “The Uncanny X-Men: Phoenix Saga” (See script review on previous blog post) and continues on the “The Uncanny X-Men: Fall Of The Mutants” Mini Series based on the 1975 launch of “The Uncanny X-Men: Giant Size X-Men #1” after the demise of the Original X-Men.

A recovered Wolverine must now lead the “The Uncanny X-Men” from the early 1980s’ back into a new adventure into the past in the ashes of the Phoenix Saga as he retraces the time he spent with no memory with Jean Grey and Professor X from the Original X-Men before her destruction in “The Uncanny X-Men: The Phoenix Saga”.

Now Wolverine and “The Uncanny X-Men” must face a new world in “The War Of The Mutants” caused by the death of Jean Grey who has been incinerated leading Wolverine to start a war between the mutants and the humans in “The Uncanny X-Men: War Of The Mutants” Fan Script.

Wolverine’s healing factor has now turned his adamantum steel skeleton into organic steel and fused with his bones and has recovered his memory.

While visiting the White House on television Wolverine cuts the head of the President and starts a war with the humans lasting ten years in the mutant universe script series.

This fan script fills in the gap between “The Uncanny X-Men: The Fall Of The Mutants” three part mini-series “The Mutant Registration Act” in the 1987 story, this decade long background fan setting takes place between “The Uncanny X-Men: The Phoenix Saga” and “The Uncanny X-Men: The Fall Of the Mutants” mini series background as a conclusion to “The Uncanny X-Men: War Of The Mutants” Fan Script.

In early 1983 Wolverine’s healing factor has turned his adamantium skeleton into organic adamantium steel and fused with his organic body and has also recovered his full memory.

Having recovered from the procedure he now has his full yet lengthy memory back, he continues on his path to Alaska to find what remains of his life he forgot about taking the Uncanny X-Men with him on his journey after the beginning of THE UNCANNY X-MEN: WAR OF THE MUTANTS FAN SCRIPT.

On the run after killing the president of the United States Wolverine has now had the mutants banned from Earth by the Military who have taken over after the destruction of the United States.

Under the new terms The Fantastic Four and Captain America must hunt down the mutants as they re-develop the banned Sentienal Program.

Wolverine and The Uncanny X-Men now on the run are being pursued by the humans…

Kid To Wolverine: “Hey how come you quit the The Uncanny X-Men….see, 1963 – 2019 right on the page.”..kid points to comic book news paper.

Wolverine: “What are you talking about kid?”

Kid To Wolverine: “That’s the all new X-Men now.”

Wolverine to Kid: “That’s not the X-Men, we gotta get outta here.”

Kid To Wolverine: “Wolverine….where are you gonna go?”

Wolverine To Kid: “We’re taking the back route to Alaska, I gotta find out what happened to 1963…just remember Kid…that’s where you can find us, on the old Alaska trail.”

Kid To Wolverine: “Yes Wolverine, I’ll never forget!”

Wolverine and the gang get in the jeep to drive away.

Havok: “Where are we going Wolverine?”

Dazzler: “Probably to follow Jean’s tracks back to the Hellfire Club, right Logan?”

Wolverine: “Not a bad idea, we’ll start with that.”

Collosus: “Yes, things will be different now that my body has turned into organic steel.”

Kitty: “What’s the Hellfire Club?”

Dazzler: “That’s where Jean’s boyfriend was when Logan had no memory.”

Wolverine: “We’ll be there in a few days drive, you all better get some rest for the trip.”

-A few days pass, Wolverine leads the X-men to an old military location-

Wolverine: “They’re all dead.”

Collosus: “Who?”

Wolverine: “My old army unit.”

The group laughing: “Hahaha, when?”

Wolverine: “The Atomic Bomb Program.”

Collosus: “What happened?”

Wolverine: “Too long ago, no one made it.”

Wolverine: “It’s Bruce Banner.”

Collosus: “What happened?”

Wolverine: “The adamantium was melted in the explosion that created Banner from the Atomic Blast, somehow it made him the Hulk.”

Wolverine: “In the explosion from the mutants at the blast, I recovered….then they forced me into the chamber…and now this.” – Shows him steel claws.

Collosus: “Then now what?”

Wolverine: “Banner will be back with the Hulk, they’ll be looking for us from the blast.”

Wolverine: “I’m going to have to continue my mission from the Atomic Blast now that I have my memory back, we’ll have to head from Nevada to Alaska…don’t worry Banner will be there when I complete the mission, he’ll be looking for what I have hidden from the Atomic Program but at the Secret Military Base from my unit.”

Wolverine: “Don’t worry, it’s secure we can hide out there in my secret bunker at my science lab for our new X-Men base.”

Gang laughing: “Hahahahahaha.”

Wolverine: “…I have the secret chemical formulas that created Banner and the Hulk, that’s what the humans will be looking for…they’re trying to create super soldiers with it like the Fantastic Four.”

Nightcrawler: “Do you have the formulas that created the Fantastic Four.”

Wolverine: “Of course, it’s locked in my secret lab.”

Wolverine: “Let’s get out of here, we’ll start with the Hellfire Club to find out about Jean.”

-The gang leaves to leaves to trace the remains of the Hellfire Club from the 1970’s-

Wolverine: “I have Professor X’s sample, I’ll test it with the formulas when we get back to my secret lab find out who it was.”

Collosus: “What happened to Banner?”

Wolverine: “When I learned the experiment was going to go bad I hid the chemicals that created the project, Banner went on some rampage so we blew him up on the test range when the admantium was detonated….then he mutated and became Banner and the Hulk.”

Wolverine: “They’ll try and continue with the Atomic Blast Program…but I told you….” – Points to the group.

Wolverine: “…the experiment didn’t work.”

Wolverine: “Now we have to secure the chemicals no matter what happens with the humans…it’s too dangerous to have these chemicals in human hands…we can’t have these “green goblins” around because they’re NOT NORMAL.”

Continues driving…..


Army Officer Military Command: “…it’s a message from Agent Wolverine…1941, it says….”I have the chemicals that created Banner and the Fantastic Four…they’re too dangerous for human hands, I’ve retrieved them from the Atomic Blast that created Banner and the Hulk, do not pursue they will never fall into human hands.”…it’s him sir Agent Wolverine 1941.”

Military Commander: “Agent Wolverine says he has the chemicals that created the Fantastic Four and The Hulk…prepare the Sententinal Program.”


Bruce Banner Mock Stuttering: “wha…wha…wha…..where’s the syrum?”


Pyro – With No Feeling: “There’s Cyclops rolling around on the ground on fire…”

Wolverine: “Scott….what is it?”

Cyclops getting up in civilian clothes…

Cyclops: “Uhhhh, the hole in my eye, it closed!”

Wolverine: “un huh.”

Storm: “It looks like the hit he took sealed the hole in his eyes….”

Cyclops: “My eyes….I can turn off the beam and open my eye, the whole in my head closed for the beam…..ahhhh, the pain!”

Cyclops: “I need help but I have to get back to X-Factor!”

Wolverine: “Come on to my lab, we’ll take a look on my scanning equipment and get you back.”

Cyclops – not of aware of Wolverine’s memory recovery: “What??!!!”

//Updated – Based on “X-Men Pryde Of The X-Men” Television Pilot.

Flashback / background information – Kitty Pryde joins the team and kills Professor X and blows up Cyclops during her training audition transitioning the X-men team into the “Uncanny X-Men” team in the 1980’s series leading them into the War Of The Mutants in a new series. //


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